A Christmas Wish is

Another super-powered evildoer faces down the Chaotix Crew. Art by Roberto Corona and Steve White.

a complete story from Issue 93 of Sonic The Comic starring Sonic the Hedgehog and the Chaotix Crew.



It's Christmas Eve in New Tek City and Sonic the Hedgehog is still no closer to finding his way home to Mobius. He's alright though - Planet Meridian still seems to celebrate Christmas in the traditional way, with presents, carol singers and an appearance from Father Christmas. The next morning, Richie Rover wakes up to find his Christmas presents, including an Insect-Guy outfit. Trying out the costume, Richie is bitten by an insect and suddenly thinks he has superhero powers, leading him to jump out the window. Of course, Richie doesn't have any powers, so he plummets to the ground below. Fortunately, Charmy Bee was just passing by and catches him, bringing him to the rest of the Chaotix Crew. Vector the Crocodile questions him as to why he's going around jumping out of buildings, only for Richie to reveal he's a superhero now (despite his previous failure).

The discussion is broken up by the appearance of The Blazer, a fiery monster with terrible dialogue. With heat oozing out of his body, the team hold back as they think of a plan of action. Richie takes this as an opportunity and heads in to tackle the beast, not afraid of its flaming powers. Sonic arrives on the scene just in time to drag Richie out of the way of a flamethowing display. Confused as to who just rescued him, Richie watches as Sonic covers The Blazer in snow, extinguishing the flames. Mighty the Armadillo and Espio the Chameleon then leap in to punch the monster to the ground. Sonic finds the sulking "Insect-Pup" around the corner, only wanting to be a hero. Sonic and Chaotix show him another way to become a hero and takes him with them as they hand out presents at the local children's hospital. Sonic presents Richie with a can of flea spray, so he doesn't get any more superhero ideas.


  • An alert appeared as Richie jumped out of his window, warning Boomers not to repeat this, pretty stupid, act.
  • Corona has pointed out that one of the patients in the background has a medical chart showing it's all downhill for him from here...


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog adventure was The Hive. The next is Eve of Destruction.

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