Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was a TV show dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog and his fight against Doctor Robotnik. The cartoon was heavily featured in Sonic the Poster Mag 1, where a comparison was given between itself and SatAM.

The TV show shares relatively few characters with Sonic the Comic, since the former has hardly any to be going on with. Sonic and Tails feature heavily, as does Robotnik. Under the evil doctor's employ are Scratch (likely based on Clucker) and Grounder, part of the Super Sonic Search and Smash Squad. A Coconuts Badnik is also a major plot point. The closest the comic came to an AoStH adaptation was in Girl Trouble, when Robotnik changed his appearance to match the cartoon's. This Robotnik would last for almost the entire run of the comic, only turning back into his game appearance during the Sonic Adventure story arc.

Issue 20 contained a competition offering 24 videos of 'Adventures', each containing two casettes of the latest episodes.

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