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This article or section contains information about a character, place or storyline appearing in Sonic The Comic Online! exclusivley.

Agiatha Witchbrew is an elderly witch and resident of the Hill Top Zone's Tower Village. While she mostly keeps to herself, she seemed to have been quite a terror in her youth, having beheaded another girl's favourite doll. This girl, now around Agiatha's age, is the only one in Tower Village convinced of her actually being a witch, the rest of the village seeing her as an eccentric old lady. When Sonic and Tails visited the village, investigating reports of Trooper attacks, Agiatha had trapped herself upstairs when a spell she was practicing backfired, and her granddaughter Violet Witchbrew had inadvertedly caused havoc, reviving a number of Sonic's old foes, both robotic and otherwise. A brief skirmish between Sonic and the recreated Commander Brutus freed Agiatha however, and she quickly undid the damage Violet's meddling had caused.

Agiatha was later seen in The Battle For Mobius, defending Metropolis Park from the attacking Troopers alongside her fellow magic user, Ebony, and the Park's enchanted trees.

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