Art by Jon Haward

Air was a female ninja and one of the legendary Four Elements, at one point working for the Neo Zeed under leader The Void.


Her first full appearance was in the Neo Zeed headquarters, watching as Naoko was introduced to the corpse of Joe Musashi. When Musashi revealed himself to be alive and took Naoko off the side of the building, Air was keen to follow but was advised not to.

Upon the defeat of The Void, the Elements joined the Yakuza and Air took up the leadership role, personally complaining to Oyabun Mitsugi when she felt the Elements weren't being utilised well.

Her later battles with the Roofworlders saw her take direct action against Musashi. Air almost killed her foe by blowing him off a tall building, but she was foiled when she decided to fly over him, allowing Musashi to leap up and grab her. Musashi then rode Air, taunting her for fearing death. Their combined weight saw Air plummet headfirst into a brick wall, presumably killing her.


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