Amy is attacked by Tekno's robot.

Amy vs Tekno is an Amy Rose story which appeared in Issue 224 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Script: Mike Corker
Art: Zak Simmonds-Hurn
Lettering: Shanna Hand


Amy vs Tekno takes place in the days of RBR. Dr Robotnik is again in one of his foul moods, and dispatches Tekno the Canary, following him out of fear, to bring him the Freedom Fighters dead or alive, under the thread of being turned into a Badnik. In the Emerald Hill Zone, a visibly bored Amy is guarding the caravan while Sonic is on a mission. From atop a cliff, Tekno notices the bored hedgehog and makes plans to capture her, sending a large hulking robot in to attack. Amy tries fighting back, but her shots have no effect and Tekno watches, conflicted: If the battle continues, one of Mobius' hopes for salvation will die, but if Amy is allowed to escape, Tekno will be worse off in the long run. Hoping for the best, and wanting to see Mobius free, Tekno orders the robot to self-destruct. Upon her return to Citadel Robotnik, Robotnik reveals that he never expected Tekno to win and sent her on the mission merely so the Troopers could search her office. Tekno has been building anti-Badnik weaponry, stealing parts from the Badnik production lines, and is ordered to be taken to a Badnik Processing Plant within the week. Fortunately, Tekno and her fellow prisoners are liberated by Shortfuse the Cybernik, beginning the pair's partnership.


Chronologically, this story takes place before "Cybernik Strikes Back" (#63-7) and the final panel is a reproduction of a "Strikes Back" panel. In that earlier story, Tekno mentioned how she was caught stealing parts for anti-Badnik weapons. As far as Amy's aware, Tekno first met her in "Secret Weapon" (#90-1).

The previous Amy Rose story was Full Circle. The next story was Impressions.

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