Artists are the people behind Sonic the Comic who provide the artwork. Richard Elson and Nigel Dobbyn are among the more popular contributors and their STC careers were long and busy ones. Although many drew strips for their writers, there was often a need for a separate colourist, with John M Burns working for the comic longer than anybody but Elson. The tradition of top quality art has also extended into Sonic the Comic Online, with good artists recruited externally or from demonstrations in the Message Zone.

List of artists

Artist First Issue Last Issue Known for
Kev Hopgood Issue 1 Issue 261 Various
Anthony Williams Issue 1 Issue 261 Mutant League
Jon Haward Issue 1 Issue 261 Shinobi
Mike White Issue 1 Issue 18 Golden Axe
Bojan Djukac Issue 2 Issue 27 Wonder Boy
Woodrow Phoenix Issue 2 Issue 5 Sonic the Hedgehog
Ferran Rodriguez Issue 3 Issue 158* Sonic the Hedgehog
Casanovas Issue 3 Issue 54 Sonic the Hedgehog
Ed Hillyer Issue 4 Issue 36 Sonic the Hedgehog
John M Burns Issue 6 Issue 175 Colouring everything
Richard Elson Issue 7 Issue 223 Sonic the Hedgehog
Steve White Issue 7 Issue 124 Ecco the Dolphin
Brian Williamson Issue 7 Issue 59 Kid Chameleon, Mutant League
Peter Richardson Issue 7 Issue 46 Streets of Rage
Nigel Kitching Issue 8 Issue 257 Decap Attack
Carl Flint Issue 12 Issue 147 Amy Rose, Tails, covers
Mike Hadley Issue 13 Issue 83 Sonic the Hedgehog, B.A.R.F.
Chris Webster Issue 13 Issue 14 Ecco the Dolphin
Dave Windett Issue 16 Issue 21 Tails
Bambos Georgiou Issue 21 Issue 22 Eternal Champions
Stephen Bliss Issue 28 Issue 33 Pirate S.T.C.
Roberto Corona Issue 35 Issue 156 Tails, Amy & Tekno
Gary Andrews Issue 41 Issue 46 Marko's Magic Football
Steve Cook Issue 45 Issue 119 Covers
John Moore Issue 52 Issue 52 Knuckles Versus the Cybernik
Keith Page Issue 53 Issue 58 Sparkster
Timothy Marx Issue 55 Issue 56 The Great Escape!
Nigel Dobbyn Issue 65 Issue 261 Knuckles the Echidna
Elitta Fell Issue 68 Issue 68 Snow Business, lettering
Dondie Cox Issue 69 Issue 72 Brute Force
Martin Griffiths Issue 73 Issue 261 Shining Force
Gina Hart Issue 73 Issue 86 Shining Force
Nick Abadzis Issue 83 Issue 83 Megadroid on the Move
Andy Pritchett Issue 86 Issue 149 Various
Pre-Press Issue 87 Issue 87 Easy Target
Mick McMahon Issue 97 Issue 169 Decap Attack, Sonic
Dermot Power Issue 104 Issue 130 Covers
Richard Guildford Issue 118 Issue 119 Various
Gary Knight Issue 120 Issue 122 Covers, designing
Darren Stephens Sonic the Poster Mag 6 Sonic the Poster Mag 6 Marble Garden Menace
Stephen Baskerville Eternal Champions Special Eternal Champions Special Eternal Champions
Una Fricka Eternal Champions Special Eternal Champions Special Eternal Champions
Cliff Robinson Eternal Champions Special Eternal Champions Special Eternal Champions
Tim Bollard Sonic Holiday Special 1996 Sonic Holiday Special 1996 Break Out!
  • Before Rodriguez last provided a cover for Issue 158, his previous contribution was in Issue 39.

Sonic the Comic Online

The online continuation saw even more amateur artists contribute to the comic's success. Artists such as Zak Simmonds-Hurn and Chris G have since left the project to get paid professional work.

Artist First Issue Last Issue
Thalia Evans Issue 224 Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2011
Abigail Ryder Issue 224 Issue 224
Zak Simmonds-Hurn Issue 224 Issue 261
Mike Corker Issue 225 Issue 261
Rich Morgan Issue 226 Issue 240
Chris G Issue 230 Issue 261
Adamis Issue 230 Issue 261
Stephen Davis Issue 231 Issue 253
James Kennedy Whitaker Issue 231 Issue 237
Matthew Allen Smith Issue 233 Issue 261
Orin Issue 236 Issue 241
Amy Issue 237 Sonic the Poster Mag 2005
Stiv Issue 237 Issue 261
Bakasam Sonic the Poster Mag 2005 Christmas Special 2012
Fast Ashadonic Issue 240 Issue 254
Spark Sonic the Poster Mag 2006 Sonic the Poster Mag 2006
Caleb Barnes Sonic the Poster Mag 2006 Issue 257
Steve Saywood Sonic the Poster Mag 2006 15th Anniversary Special
Jin Chan Yum Wai Issue 243 Issue 256
Rhys ap Gwyn Issue 243 Issue 243
Calisto Issue 244 Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2011
Rob 'The Rascal' Garrett Issue 245 Issue 245
Jon Lock Issue 246 Issue 247
Iain Stewart Issue 246 Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2010
Lisa Lee Hallowe'en Special Issue 256
Insector Issue 248 Issue 248
Alex Willmore Issue 249 Issue 258
Lauren Anne Sharp Issue 249 Issue 258
Team Mobius Issue 250 Issue 253
Matt Dittmer Issue 250 Issue 261
Pete Murphy Sonic the Summer Special 2009 Issue 261
Marcus Stockley Issue 251 Issue 258
Philip Chapman Issue 252 Issue 256
Kevin M Issue 252 Issue 252
Seumidh MacDonald Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2010 Issue 261
DSC Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2010 Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2010
Nam Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2010 Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2010
Elson Wong Issue 253 Issue 253
Leann Hamilton Issue 255 Issue 255
J. 'Deebs' Jones Issue 255 Issue 255
Yunelyon Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2011 Issue 256
Miles Arquio Issue 256 Issue 256
Nadine Wilkinson Issue 257 Issue 258
John Swidan Christmas Special 2012 Christmas Special 2012
Shimsham Issue 260 Issue 260
Adam "T-Bird" Tuff Issue 261 Issue 261

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