Attack on the Death Egg is a complete story in Issue 6 of Sonic the Comic. It is both a loose Sonic the Hedgehog 2 adaption and a sequel to the game.



In Sonic the Hedgehog's secret underground laboratory, Tails is yet again asking why Doctor Kintobor's face is on the computer. Sonic explains that it's only a hologram, since Kintobor really turned into Doctor Robotnik. Something's happening up in space and the computer reveals that it's the Death Egg, partially destroyed and heading for a collision course with the Emerald Hill Zone. With no time to waste, Sonic and Tails jump in the bi-plane and head towards, not the Death Egg, but the Wing Fortress. Sonic goes alone from here, dodging a Clucker Badnik before stumbling into the Zone's automatic defenses (previously the boss from said Zone in Sonic 2). Outside, Tails hears a commotion and asks if Sonic is alright. Sonic is fine, but Tails can't hear over all the crashing about. As Sonic finally defeats the trap for good, Tails comes downstairs and finds that everything has been dealt with.

The pair make their way outside to discover a spaceship (identical to the one from Sonic 2), which they plan to pilot, since the bi-plane can't take them into space. They begin their next phase of the journey, with Tails feeling a little sick from the speed, and soon dock with the Death Egg. Inside, they come up against Silver Sonic, a decrepid robot that is meant to resemble Sonic ("Sad, isn't it?" Sonic comments). The hero finishes it off properly this time. Soon enough, Sonic and Tails make it to the bridge, but they're running out of time. As Sonic speedily tries to alter the course away from the Emerald Hill Zone, he orders Tails to leave in the ship's only escape pod. The fox reluctantly does so as the Death Egg crashes into the ocean. Dismayed that his friend has valiantly sacrificed himself, his anguish turns to glee as he sees Sonic atop of his escape pod. With the day saved once again, Sonic looks forward to the inevitable parties waiting for him.


  • The Kintobor computer first appears here, but in a very rough form: when he resurfaced, he'll be an artificial intelligence rather than just a computer with a hologram.
  • In Issue 223, Nigel Kitching revealed that this, one of his first stories for Sonic the Comic, was an "unremarkable" one.
  • Silver Sonic has become the subject of several butcheries in the Message Zone, with various other poor imitations of Sonic replacing the decrepid robot.
  • This story is the closest STC came to a Sonic 2 adaption, with many aspects identical to the game. Despite adapting the last two levels and a boss, the strip acts as a sequel to the game with Wing Fortress and the Death Egg in a state of disrepair. The first recognisable adaptation would be the Sonic the Hedgehog CD story, The Sonic Terminator.
  • Sonic is almost always smiling in this story, despite nearly getting blown up by the ship's laser cannon.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Lost in the Labyrinth Zone. The next is Super Sonic.

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