Audrey Wong was a member of the backroom staff at Sonic the Comic, her role changing multiple times. Her first credited appearance was in Issue 28, where she was given "special thanks". This "position" remained until Issue 39, when then-assistant editor Deborah Tate was promoted to the editor's job, Wong taking the vacant assistant position. During this time, she was listed as the lead editor for the Sonic Holiday Special 1996 and Knuckles Knock-Out Special.

By the time of Issue 86, the assistant editor role was presumably redundant and Wong was made "Features Editor", making her responsible for the maintenance of the Graphic Zone, Control Zone and Speedlines (she was possibly in charge of this anyway as assistant editor, but she almost certainly was afterwards). In Issue 107, she was simply the "Review Zone editor", which was to be her last appearance in the comic.

Her personal portfolio suggests she moved onto another comic in Egmont in the editorial position.

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