Auropolis at dawn, by Mike White

Aurpolis is a ruined city somewhere near Yuria in The Legend of the Golden Axe. At its top rests the Citadel of Dead Souls]], home of Sorcerer Blackspell and his servants. It is unknown why the city is ruined, as the location is still fairly civilised. A complex sewer system runs beneath the whole city (albeit beneath weak floorboards) while new lizard guards are born under the watchful eye of a Hatch Maiden. The citadel above the city is a lavish establishment, with gleaming halls filled with expensive-looking goods. The sanctum of Blackspell is more traditional in its look, with dusty bookshelves and a large scrying pool.

In Citadel of Dead Souls, Tyris-Flare and Gilius-Thunderhead were carried here by Rigia Mortius and Ul-Tima at the request of Blackspell. They were first taken to Blackspell's room to witness the rebirth of Dark Guld, before being left to die in the spacious dungeons (where many have died before). Ax eventually caught up to find his friends, only to get lost in the sewers. After the hatch maiden revealed Ax's whereabouts to Blackspell, Rigia captured him with a sleeping potion. While Tyris was taken to the Corpselands to be sacrificed, Ax and Gilius were to be killed there and then, only for Rigia to be wrong-footed and captured herself. By the time they escaped, the only citizen left was Proffit, a wizard trader who sold a pair of Bizarrian steeds to the heroes.

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