Art by Peter Richardson

Axel Stone is one of the main characters in the Streets of Rage series in Sonic the Comic and in all three Streets of Rage video games. Although seen as the most balanced fighter in the games, he is often a bit of a punchbag in the comic strips.


Axel previously served in the police force alongside Blaze Fielding, Max Hatchet and Officer Murphy until he was ambushed one night by corrupt cops. Stone's colleagues quit the police and became vigilantes, destroying the drug factory belonging to Hawk. Furious, he decided to get rid of all three pests, sending ninjas to murder a bed-ridden Axel. Murphy, acting as a bodyguard for Axel, was easily pushed aside but Axel managed to defeat all the assassins sent to get him and discharged himself, arriving at Hawk's foundry just in time to save Blaze and Max from being shot. Unleashing two machine guns on the henchmen, Axel then brought Blaze out to the safety of a police barricade, but despaired when an incendiary bomb was dropped with Max still inside. Max eventually arrived safe and Axel announced his resignation by punching Captain Wyndam in the face before joining his friends on the streets.

Axel spent the next few months disposing of random gang members before attempting to recruit Skates and getting him to provide them with a computer disk compiled by (recently diseased) Murphy. Axel later is the one aiming to get Officer Rizzo to talk by being a little more "persuasive" with him. Then, along with the rest of the heroes, Axel stows away on the Princess Grace to locate a bomb planted by Mr X. Learning that the crime lord is getting away, Axel chases him and kicks assistant Warren in the face. Unfortunately, the ship explodes even after Skates locates one bomb but Axel convinces Skates not to shoot Mr X in the face with a flare gun.

The next adventure is a more crucial one for Axel as he inches closer to death. Axel drives the new Battle Wagon but is forced out of it when ambushed by hundreds of gang members. The usually cool fighter loses his cool and wishes to attack the mob right away, hoping they'll all forgot themselves and kill him quickly. Fortunately, the crowd pull back but Axel is soon run over by a motorbike. A dazed Axel picks up an iron bar and manages to knock off the bike's rider by catching its spokes. Axel escapes with the others on a police helicopter but suffers the most when a rocket hits the vehicle and sends him crashing to the ground. Before the others can rescue him, a fierce warrior continues to punish him and one spiked claw later sends him falling into the East River.

Axel actually manages to grab hold of the bridge and remains hidden from all but Blaze. Later, he rescues the gang from Mr X's soldiers by retrieving the Battle Wagon and running them over. However, Axel is losing a lot of blood and, in a desperate attempt at freedom, drives the wagon straight off the incomplete bridge and smashes straight into a vertical girder. The vigilantes eventually make it safety but Axel requires an ambulance. Later, when Blaze collects her winnings, Axel suggests they buy a new Battle Wagon with the winnings but Blaze rebuffs him, stating its her winnings and it was him who trashed the van.


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