Badgers are mammals that live on Planet Earth and Mobius that are easily identified by their black and white striped pattern. Notoriously difficult to find in the wild despite being fairly numbered, badgers are known to be aggressive about their territory when approached. In contrast to this, Sonic the Comic characters Stripes and Mr. Stripes are notably peaceful. Stripes is a young child who is kidnapped first by a Badnik then by Doctor Robotnik, while his father stands firm and takes abuse from Sonic the Hedgehog when pleading for his son's rescue.

Any other badgers are relegated to background characters, with one being released from a Grabber Badnik in the Chemical Plant Zone and others appearing in The Big Con, Raining Bananas and Going Crackers. In the history story Bravehog, badgers (that speaked with a Scottish accent) were the first tribe to be attacked by King Leer and his evil hyenas. One badger was present during Leer's new decrees, while another fought back against the hyenas in partnership with Bravehog himself.

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