One of the Badniks on display.

Badnik Alert! is a feature in the Knuckles Knock-Out Special that lists many of the Badnik threats in the video game Knuckles' Chaotix. Similar to a feature in The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbooks, the article contained pictures of the Badniks as well as descriptions of what they can do. Another similar feature can be found as Sonic's World in the first Sonic the Summer Special. On this occasion, all Badniks were also accompanied by a "Danger Rating" and where they can be found.

Name Danger Rating (?/5) Location
Dribbler 4 Speed Slider
Bombbearer C 2 Techno Tower
Poptank 3 Marina Madness
Bushbubble 1 Botanic Base
Pirahna 3 Marina Madness
Ticktock 3 Amazing Arena
Spiketower 5 Botanic Base
Needlenose 4 Speed Slider
Hoverby MK II 4 Speed Slider
Gotcha 4 Speed Slider
Ringleader 2 Techno Tower
Motorspike 5 Amazing Arena

Many of these Badniks' names are not official and are called something else in the final game. Others are better known by their Japanese name, such as Bombbearer being known as "Carry". Only Dribber has the same name in both versions.

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