Bean the Dynamite is green duck who is head of security of the Casino Night Zone. He has a specialty in explosives and was the one who created the K-Boom.


In the Sonic the Comic Online story, Dicing with Death, The explosives were given to The Dice, a member of The Family who held the casino to ransom, urging the owners to find the bombs before he bankrupted them. However, Sonic and Tails come to the casino stop The Dice. While Tails kept winning in Blacksnap against The Dice, Sonic tracked down the explosives. When Sonic created a vortex to contain the K-Boom's explosive, Bean stated he would have loved to see Super Sonic to appear so he could make a disaster movie. Bean then said he was going to post bail for The Dice so he can't implicate him. It turns out he was watching the events on camera as he is head of security. He states that is job is boring and he was the one who narrated the event.


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