Max Gamble shows off Metal Mate to potential buyers. Art by Mick McMahon.

Bee Prepared
is a Double Sonic complete story appearing in Issue 121 of Sonic the Comic, co-starring Charmy Bee and Max Gamble.



In the Casino Night Zone, Max Gamble is addressing wealthy visitors from the Eldorado Zone. The scheme this time time is Metal Mate, a worker robot who works all hours and doesn't need payment. Sonic the Hedgehog happens to be in the area and talks to the local workmen, angry that the robots can do ten times the work they can, at a fraction of the cost. Sonic seems to know something nobody else does, as shortly after a reassuring speech by the hedgehog, Metal Mate begins to malfunction and lays into the visitors with his mallet. Gamble is livid, certain that the robot should only have short-circuited after he sold it. Sonic hears and is about to sort out Gamble until the sudden appearance of Charmy Bee! Team-mate Vector the Crocodile has somehow found a way to get Charmy into Mobius, but explanations can wait as Sonic saves Charmy from Metal Mate's hammer. While Charmy distracts the robot with a pickaxe, Sonic charges through the nuisance, destroying it. It's not over yet though, as the plutonium core is set to explode! Fortunately, Charmy is in the area and uses his flying skills to lift the head up and flings it away, causing a massive explosion in midair.

The day is saved, but Gamble has gone into hiding. Charmy is worried about the situation and starts gabbling in his usual irritiating way. His incessant babbling is more than Gamble can take, with the conniving lizard coming out of hiding and pleading to Sonic to lock him away. Sonic compliments Charmy, saying he's not as dumb as he looks.


  • Charmy said Vector had found him a way of getting to Mobius and that it was quite complicated. All this could have been resolved if he had used the Omni-Viewer, although Omni had been phased out of the comic by this point.
  • Plutonium is a radioactive material, suggesting the explosion of Metal Mate's head should have caused some radiation poisoning (if the plutonium was of the right isotope).
  • Max Gamble intended the robot to short-circuit all along. If this also meant the head would explode, it suggests he intended murder of the Eldorado Zone citizens, particularly if Sonic was to come to the rescue and repeat his actions.
  • Charmy admits that he talks the way he does as it his "cutey-duty as a buzzy-bee"!


The previous Double Sonic story was Face to Face. The next is Root of All Evil.

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