Hulk smash! Hulk crush! HULK DESTROY!

Bezerker is a form taken by Casey in his first adventure through Wildside in Kid Chameleon. It is interesting to note that while this form in the original game was reminiscent of an American Football player, Sonic the Comic depicted Bezerker as an Incredible Hulk lookalike, though the helmet retained its basic design (with some minor alterations). This form is incredibly strong, able to plough through obstacles with ease, though is not particularly bright or verbally articulate.

Bezerker first appeared when Casey, as Micromax, tried to switch back to his Eyeclops to battle the Sewer Men. As Bezerker, Casey broke free of the monsters' grasp, but was still unable to see them, and thus decided to grab the rescued Suzi and flee. The pair got to a Telepad, but quickly found themselves in the path of another massive tank. Bezerker ripped through it easily, and upon learning that the exit lay at the top of a nearby tower (thanks to Suzi reading the sign out for him), decided ascending the tower wasn't a task he was cut out for and switched form to the Iron Knight.

Bezerker was last seen in a flashback among Casey's other transformations as he prepared for his eventual return to Wildside.

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