Grounder rumbles on

Big Trouble is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story published in The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbooks.


  • This story is uncredited.


Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails, are both dashing along the Aquatic Ruin Zone, collecting Power Rings to strengthen themselves further in the struggle against Robotnik. Their mission is interrupted when a cliff-face erupts, confronting the dynamic duo with a giant Grounder badnik! Sonic and Tails immediately attack it, but their spin attacks bounce off of its shell harmlessly. Robotnik arrives in a hammer-equipped Egg-o-Matic (the same vehicle used in the boss fight for the Aquatic Ruin Zone in the actual game of Sonic the Hedgehog 2) to observe proceedings, and boasts to the two heroes that the Grounder they are fighting is the first in a new generation of giant badniks whose size and strength will assure his conquest of Mobius.

Tails wonders if they have to withdraw against this tough foe, but Sonic demands to persevere - superheroes don't back down at the first sign of trouble. A little lateral thinking is going to be needed to defeat this particular badnik, that's all. Sonic and Tails both spring up to higher levels, until they are perched atop a column high above the Grounder - they both leap down and spin-attack its head. True to form, Robotnik's work presents a strong facade but is shaddoy behind the shell - the armour around the head is weaker than the front and the attack destroys the Grounder. Three Mobians were needed to power this behemoth's organic batteries, and they are all freed from the wreckage.

Enraged that his grand project has been spoiled, Robotnik attacks directly, attemping to stamp down on the heroes with his hammer. In the effort to dodge Robotnik's attacks, Sonic and Tails fall into the water, where they are confronted by another giant badnik - this time a Chop-Chop. Sonic and Tails outpace the badnik, and so Robotnik descends down to try and hammer the heroes again - a boastful Sonic swims rings around him, and a frustrated Robotnik doesn't notice that his course has taken him into a collison with the Chop-Chop until it's too late to evade...



Egg-o-Matic and badnik collide and destroy each other in an explosion. A singed Robotnik pulls himself up onto the shore, genuinely upset that what he though was such a good idea should fail so dramatically. Sonic's eager to take off, and blisters out his final farewells to the reader, ready to abandon this two-bit also-ran and get back to the more prominent work in Sonic the Comic!


  • It's the last story in the Yearbooks, so the 'cool' colloquialisms are back for one final song:
    • Chanked ("not good")
    • We gotta be jammin' ("we must leave")
    • Thrashed ("beaten")
  • The Egg puns also take their bow with understated grace and a wryly apposite concluding offering:
    • Eggs-tra.
    • Eggs-terminate.
    • Eggs-cape.
    • Eggs-it.
  • Sonic is seen to be able to swim, something he can't actually do.
  • All of the Sonic stories published in both yearbooks made a particular point of showing Mobians ejecting safely from smashed Badniks - given their absence are we to assume that those powering the Chop-Chop were incinerated in the conflagration, while Robotnik gets off with no more than some superficial sootiness?


The previous story in the Yearbook is Space-Hedgehog. This is the last story.

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