The Roulette Palace, swarming with bugs

Bitten by the Gambling Bug is a 2-part Sonic's World story, beginning in Issue 239 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Amy Rose and Tails have made their way to the Casino Night Zone, somewhat changed since the last time Tails visited. The Freedom Fighters have gathered intelligence that suggests crook Max Gamble has assembled a large team of Special Zone immigrants to work in his casinos. The whole situation is suspicious, since Amy was recently attacked by The Love Bug, working in the name of "The Great Don". Inside the Roulette Palace, their information seems to be correct as the casino is swarming with insect employees. In his office, Gamble is worried at the appearance of old foe Tails and asks an unseen accomplice what to do. Amy threatens a lizard staff member before the heroes make their way to Gamble's office. Inside, Gamble pleads innocence, stating that the insects travelled to Mobius to avoid a terrible depression and now have no home to go back to. Tails doesn't believe that Gamble could be charitable enough to let them stay for no reason, but since they have no proof, Amy and Tails are carted out of the casino. Outside, Tails contemplates that, like Metamorphia and the Marxio Brothers, Gamble could have turned over a new leaf. However, Don Long-Legs has made a call to assassin Harvestman who, in turn, has sent hitman Herne to deal with the meddling heroes.

Herne throws an expensive car their way, a signal of intent that he plans to crush them. Herne reveals his favourite hobby to be bashing living people's brains out. Above, Harvestman watches on, apparantly talking to himself. Herne is getting increasingly frustrated with the agile Amy, punching roads instead of her. As Amy recovers, Tails distracts Herne by grabbing his head and pulling his mouth. Behind them, Harvestman holds flea Zip before throwing him into Tails' tails. Amy scores a bullsye by shooting an arrow into Herne's face. Outraged, Herne charges at Amy but she jumps out of the way, sending him careering into the car he trashed earlier. The Freedom Fighters celebrate their victory and soak in the crowd's adulation, as Harvestman reports a job well done. With Zip planted, Tails can't go anywhere without The Family knowing about it.


  • Bean the Dynamite makes two cameos in the first part, simply another gambler in Gamble's casino. He would return next issue in Dicing With Death as another casino's head of security.
  • Gamble has a picture of his mum on his office wall.
  • A member of the public is reading Issue 238 of STC-O while waiting to cross the road.


The previous Sonic's World story was The Big Bang. The next is Kill Big.

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