The Blockbusters Contestant is a monster of sorts created by Professor Frank N. Stein, in the first Decap Attack story, Starring Chuck D. Head!. Armed with only half a brain, a near-constant goofy grin and a teddy bear mascot named Winston, the contestant was the only thing that ultimately drove Max D Cap and his minions out of Castle Frank N. Stein.

Following Max's demands for an army of the undead, Stein initially planned to create clones from Chuck's living tissue, since the conditions for his creation were perfect (read: a complete fluke). But when Chuck went and killed himself again, the only remaining option was to create clones from Head, who has the other half of Chuck's brain. But trying to clone a creature with only half a brain resulted in this abomination. Totally convinced that he was on the show, but confused about who out of those assembled was then-presenter Bob Holness, the contestant chased Max out of the castle, saying he wanted to do the Gold Run, after a nudge in the right direction from Frank. With Max gone, the gang were a little confused about what to do with the useless clone, but Igor chained him up in one of the dungeons, asking him beforehand which 'D' referred to an ancient place of torture and imprisonment. He tried, certainly, thinking aloud of such words as Desert, Dentist, Denmark and Darlington, and was still struggling while hanging in the dungeon, before Igor began torturing him with a red-hot poker.

The contestant was briefly seen again some time later in Who Killed Chuck?, still with Winston, still hanging in the dungeon and still trying to guess that 'D', thinking of such words as Dandelion and Dromedary. He returned much later in Issue 257's Good Luck Chuck, still chained to the wall and still incorrectly guessing the answer to his conundrum.

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