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Aw geez, can't anybody in this town take the law into their own hands?

Commissioner Bodger is a prominent police officer in the Metropolis Zone and something of a recurring minor character in Sonic the Comic Online. While a devoted officer, he seems to be something of a bumbler. He also seems to have a partner in the form of Officer Badger (according to a caption during The Battle For Mobius), who has not yet been seen. Bodger has been notably well-recieved among the STC-O fanbase.

In Bodger's first appearance, he and his team were on the trail of Nack the Weasel, who had launched a crime wave in the city. His intelligence even reported that Nack had left the city. Once it was clear that Nack was still around, he toyed with sending Sonic after the thief, but Tails persisted and ultimately succeeded, leaving Bodger somewhat sheepish.

He later tried to bring in Shortfuse the Cybernik for a series of robberies and abductions, trying to pump Tekno the Canary for information. While he did corner the true thief, he never noticed it wasn't Shorty (even saying to Shorty that he'd cornered Shortfuse).

By a complete accident, he prevented Sonic's assassination at the hands of Harvestman when he booked the gangster for speeding. He was mentioned later on, having requested that Tails supervise a D.R.A.T. midnight rally on Christmas Eve.

He also appeared in The Battle For Mobius, being interviewed by Hobson and Choy, where he listed the invading Badniks' numerous offences, and asked if he could meet Kat Adie.

Bodger was criticised for failing to catch fugitive Sonic in The Mobe. Bodger was reportedly eating doughnuts when the hedgehog sped right past him.

He was recently promoted to the rank of Commissioner, thanks to Gold pulling a few strings, and was meant to assist Tails and Amy in liberating a number of hostages from Metropolis University until Captain Blue gave him a severe talking down to. His reputation increased when he was introduced to the Free Mobius Supreme Command - although he did seem a little unsure on what their meetings were about.


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