Art by Leeann Hamilton and Claire Ryan

Boss Hoorg is a Morolian in the Space Channel 5 universe. He appeared as a judge on the popular talent show Star Factor 9.


When Channel 42 took over the airwaves and broadcast Star Factor 9 in the place of regular viewing, Boss Hoorg took a judging position alongside Nas T. Beats, Space Cowell and Diva D. Despite his language being unintelligible to anyone other than other Morolians, Hoorg acted as the "nice judge", complimenting a pair of contestants as reminding him "of a young Space Michael" - although he may have been biased as the pair on stage were Morolians as well.

Ulala was next to take the stage and, although in disguise, Pudding immediately recognised her and Boss Hoorg had an idea that she reminded him "of someone". Soon afterwards, Ulala revealed herself and Boss Hoorg took himself - and his chair - well away from the scene, making excuses that he had left his dinner in the space oven.


In other media

In the original Space Channel 5 game, Boss Hoorg was the leader of a Morolian invasion on Earth that would attempt to force all inhabitants to dance. He returned in the second game as a reporter.

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