Art by Nigel Dobbyn

Boss Krouch was an antagonist from the Great Mobian Prairie, known for owning a large herd of Apterix. Krouch attempted to murder fellow Apterix-breeder Rooster (with a little help from crooked Chito, but was himself offed when his plan to kill Rooster backfired. Boss Krouch has become famous for being the first of two characters to be killed on Mobius during Sonic the Comic's run (the second being Johnny Lightfoot).

Krouch first hired Chito and another rustler to dispose of Rooster in order to ease the competition in the Metropolis Zone markets. However, the plan failed but a clueless Knuckles the Echidna was blamed for the attack. Knuckles was taken to Backwater, a small town in the prairie where Boss Krouch was the mayor and his son was the deputy sheriff. Playing along with Chito's bungle, Krouch instantly condemned Knuckles and pretended to be worried about Rooster's plight. Knuckles came to the conclusion that Krouch may have been causing the "accidents" to get rid of his only competitor, but had little time to ponder on it when Krouch ordered a mob to take Knuckles from the prison and they attempted to lynch him. Fortunately, the sheriff arrived to save Knuckles at the last minute.

Later, in Backwater's saloon, rumours spread that the town's mayor had ordered the attack on Knuckles, something the echidna soon confirms. A vicious bar brawl occured, with Knuckles and Chito being the main focus. After a severe onslaught from Knuckles, Chito confessed that he worked for Krouch and that he was ordered to kill Rooster. Chito also revealed that Krouch had gone to kill Rooster personally. Out in the prairie, Krouch is about to carry out his attack on Rooster's men but is stopped by who he thinks is Chito. Angered at this intrusion, he accidentally confesses his plans to who is actually Knuckles in a hat. Krouch doesn't give up quietly and was about to throw a vial of apterix-predator-odour into the herd of Apterix when he fell off a cliff and into the herd. Krouch tried to shoot Knuckles from his new position, but the bottle had smashed and Krouch found himself amid a deadly stampede that he could not get out of. Knuckles' facial expression said the rest.


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