Not to be confused with the Breaking News ticker.

Breaking News! (also known as choyPRESS @ KBC and G.U.N. Report!) is a one-off feature in Issue 251 of Sonic the Comic Online. Written in the style of a blog post, written by "Choy", currently the only edition of this article focuses on G.U.N., the current military force on Mobius.

The post features G.U.N. entirely, starting with their background (as well as mentioning Charmy Bee's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother). Choy also mentions that one of his sources "flickied" from the G.U.N. mailroom to say they'd signed up fifteen new member Zones to protect, including the Emerald Hill Zone. There is also a promotion of G.U.N.'s "Try Before You Buy" scheme, where an unaffliated Zone can temporarily call the troops for help. After introducing the likes of Commander Steele and the Station Square Zone, Choy goes on to be unsure about G.U.N.'s global presence and calls them "poseurs" after they invented their motto of "Guard, Unify and Nurture" - two months after giving themselves the G.U.N. name.


  • Although the actual creator of the post is uncredited, it is likely by site designer Mike Corker.
  • The date of the post is "April 17th 2010", although Issue 251 came out in "May 2010".
  • There has currently only been one entry in this series, but, like the Encyclopedia Badnika which was introduced in the same issue and site redesign, there is room for more in the series.

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