Tails struggles against the Metallix.

Brotherhood is a complete Tails story which appeared in Sonic the Summer Special 2009.


Story, colours and letters: Iain Stewart
Black and white art: Calisto


At midnight, one night in Lower Metropolis, a young cat named Jeremy Burton is attacked and taken prisoner by what can only be described as a Metallix. The following morning, Tails learns of the boy's disappearance through the news, observing that it's the eighth one this week. The report goes on to display a blurry photo of a Metallix silhouette, but states that Sonic supporters are suspected. Tails is rapidly beseeched by several members of the public to deal with the 'Sonic supporters' and vows to do his best, despite his fear of the Metallix. After trying and failing to contact Amy, and learning that three more abductions have taken place within the hour, he decides that he really is the only one who can resolve the situation, figuring that it's what Sonic would do. Searching Lower Metropolis from the sky that night, a nervous Tails witnesses the Metallix dragging its latest victim into an old warehouse and swoops in to help, not knowing that the Metallix is waiting for him right beside the door. After being struck twice, Tails finally gets a good look at the warehouse's interior and realises that he is surrounded by a small army of Metallixes. He continues to struggle against the first Metallix, and just as it's about to finish him off, he fights back in force with a pipe, damaging it and causing it to scream in pain. The Metallix reveals itself and its fellows to be members of DRAT, who now plan to at least rid Mobius of one of Robotnik's enemies. Before they can however, the police arrive, having heard the fight beforehand, and revealing how bad some of the DRAT disguises built from Metallix scrap actually are. A short time later, the police have arrested every available member and located the hostages. Tails is congratulated for his efforts but muses upon what could have happened if the Metallixes were real....


The previous Tails story was In Cold Blood . The next story was Visa Vixen . This story follows on from the events of Jail Break and Last One's Standing .

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