Bullhead is a monster and minion of Max D. Cap. Aside from Max and the strip's 4 primary cast members, he was the only other character to make the transition from game to comic.

In his only major appearance in Sonic the Comic, he was part of Max's invasion force upon Castle Frank N. Stein and was part of the initial attack upon the castle, personally booting Chuck and Head out, which forced them to fight their way back to the lab to rescue the Prof and Igor. During Max's occupation of the castle, Bullhead would be called upon to see Loyd Grossman out (by chucking him out of a window), and 5 days later was sent with Croc to bring the hopelessly lost Chuck back to the lab so he could be cloned. Bullhead would later evacuate the castle with Max and the rest of his monsters when the Blockbusters contestant went after them. He would never be seen again.


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