Art by Woodrow Phoenix

Burgers are one of Sonic the Hedgehog's favourite foods and have shown up in Sonic the Comic several times. The most notable is in Lost in the Labyrinth Zone when Sonic prepared to eat over two hundred burgers for the first course of his breakfast. During The Origin of Sonic, the titular hedgehog asked Doctor Kintobor to get him a "triple cheeseburger with salami, salad, pickle, mayonnaise and mustard", but only returned with a rotten egg. Happy Christmas Doctor Robotnik showed that Sally Acorn couldn't wait to get stuck into a stash of turkey burgers. During a visit to the Eldorado Zone in Fall of the Leaf, Tails wanted nothing more than to leave the Zone and find a decent veggie burger. Soon after, Sonic is eating a burger in the Control Centre when Hobson & Choy arrive through a Mobius Ring to attack. Finally, Tails visits fast food restaurant McFlickies to get a burger in Brotherhood, possibly the same eatery that Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary (and a fly) dine in Following Suit.


  • One has to wonder why burgers and other meat products even exist on Mobius, considering the world is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals such as cows, pigs and turkeys, etc. However, such mysteries are never explored and the only species on Mobius confirmed to be farmed for its meat is the Apterix.

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