Art by Roberto Corona and John M Burns.

For the story of the same name, see Captain Christmas (story).

Captain Christmas is a villain who made one appearance in a Tails story. Christmas' real name is Dog Malone, an ex-Doctor Robotnik employee from the Chemical Plant Zone. Malone produced a body spray which made people adore him, going as far as giving him all their Christmas presents. Malone sped things along by going under the alter-ego of Captain Christmas, using his Christmas-themed weapons to defeat his foes.

Malone was eventually defeated by Tails; the fox had a cold which stopped the body spray from affecting him. Thanks to an antidote developed by the Kintobor Computer, Tails removed Malone's attraction with a snowball.

Dog Malone was last seen forced to deliver presents by Father Christmas as a punishment.


If Malone had not turned to villanous ways of gaining admiration, he could have been a successful hero as "Captain Christmas". He proved adept at tackling Baa Humbug and used his immense strength to lift an enormous sack of presents. His ability to create an attractive formula that even took in his foes would have proved valuable to crime-fighting.

As Captain Christmas, Malone used a variety of Christmassy attacks:

He was eventually foiled by Tails' "Snowball Surprise".


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