Art by Peter Richardson

Captain Wyndam is a police officer for a precinct in The City during the Streets of Rage series. The chubby pen-pusher was the superior of Max Hatchet and Blaze Fielding until the pair decided to quit the force in the wake of Axel Stone's brutal beating at the hands of corrupt officers. In a panic, Wyndam informed local "businessman" Hawk of the resignations. Wyndam was accused of being corrupt by Max, an accusation he didn't directly deny but demanded some evidence. He later appeared at Hawk's foundry to arrest Max and Blaze for breaking the law and inferred that Axel was in "big trouble". The cop's response was to punch Wyndam in the face, temporarily knocking him out. Officer Murphy picked up his boss and tended to his bloody nose, not wanting to quit the police because of wife Maria and his children.

After his first appearance, Wyndam never featured in another story. Despite accusations of being corrupt, his crimes were not serious enough to appear on the list of criminal officers on Murphy's computer disk.


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