Casey is the hero of the Kid Chameleon series. A regular boy in the real world, Casey would much rather play video games than get involved in sports. Despite his keenness to stay indoors and absorb the virtual world, he has his friends; Dylan is one of the people Casey visits the arcade with, while Suzi is a girl that has just moved next door to Casey's house.

Once Casey stepped into Wildside, everything changed, with Casey being granted "Chameleon powers", which by saying "Chameleon" enabled him to randomly turn into a variety of superheroes. His first visit saw Casey survive the game while rescuing Suzi. He would later revisit the game by choice to rescue Brad, a popular schoolkid who was trapped in the game.

Casey was also able to play the game without his powers on two occasions, first running out of energy in his first adventure and voluntarily revealing himself to Brad on his second game. The first time, Casey was able to defeat a robotic gorilla with a hoverboard.

His last appearance showed that Casey is still trapped in Wildside, proving to the "ultimate challenge" of The Voice.


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