Changing Times is a complete story starring Tails, appearing in Issue 82.



Tails flies over the Echo City Zone, witnessing a scene of great destruction. The entire city has been destroyed by forces of Doctor Robotnik or Commander Brutus. Tails is distraught that he couldn't be there to save the citizens and wants to do something about it. A storm brews but before the fox can find shelter, he is struck by lightning. He survives the accident and wakes to find that another citizen is still awake. Tails tries to help but the monkey talks in a different language that Tails doesn't understand. He's further confused when a bull cries in the same language, running backwards. Tails quickly realises that he's somehow travelling backwards in time thanks to the lightning bolt and everyone else seems to be running in reverse. His thoughts are soon interrupted by the source of the devastation and a Trooper tank rolls backwards through the city, undoing all the damage it had just done. He's then hit by an explosion, making Tails realise he's got to stop the chaos somehow.

After what seems like an enormous amount of effort, Tails realises that he must wait for the tank to put everything right before stopping it. Watching as the city puts itself back together, he waits until the tank reverses out of the city and heads to tackle it. Despite expecting to barely damage it, the effect of two objects colliding in different directions causes the tank to rip to pieces. Tails has been successful; time is now running in the right direction and the people have been saved without even knowing what would have happened to them in the old timeline.


  • Tails is hit by lightning. He should be dead.
  • The monkey, talking in reverse, is considered to be 'out of town' by Tails when he can't understand his language. Unless Tails has visited this area before, it could have been the Zone's official language.
  • The gorilla states he was attacked by a "enihcam war", which translates to "raw machine".
  • Tails makes a reference to a sound-effect caused by an explosion. "BOOM!" in reverse is "!MOOB", something which confuses him. In real-life, the word "moob" has become slang for a "man-boob".
  • The Troopers state that Tails is flying backwards. If this is so, they should have seen him emerge from their twisted bodies and fly away from them.
  • The tank being destroyed is followed by the sound effect of "!MOOFOOM!", a palindrome which signals the change in direction of time.
  • Tails talks to someone who looks like Tim Tuna, the TV receiver from Channel Hoppers.
  • "The End!" is written as "!Dne Eht".
  • The number of dubious references to time travel in this story perhaps show why such stories became sparse in future issues. Similar problems were spotted in The Sonic Terminator.


The previous Tails story was Shock Tactics!. The next is Mystery Villain.

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