The Channel Hoppers were colourful characters resembling the Teletubbies, who starred in a live TV programme of the same name. The show itself followed the 'wacky, hilarious antics' of Wiggly, Jiggly and Floppy who seemed to spend the majority of their time giggling, bouncing around (and into each other) on spacehoppers. Unbeknownst to their young fans, the Channel Hoppers were really members of the Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe broadcasting a subliminal message only children can pick up, making them believe Dr Robotnik was wonderful. When Tails realised something was amiss, he enlisted the aid of Tim Tuna, who blocked the Hoppers' signal and instead broadcast a message revealing what they were doing. Rumbled, the Hoppers were attacked first by their former fans and later Tails, leaving the disgraced cultists to leave and wallow in their defeat.

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