There's never anything good on TV these days....

Channel Hoppers is a complete Tails story which appeared in Issue 112 of Sonic the Comic.


Script: Lew Stringer
B & W art: Carl Flint
Colour: John M Burns
Lettering: Tom Frame


Tails is surprised one day to find a mob of cheering kids running after him. It turns out he's not suddenly popular as he thought, being trampled just so the kids can watch their new favourite TV show: the Channel Hoppers, featuring absurd colourful characters being silly and bouncing around on space hoppers. The show makes Tails' head spin and he leaves to be met by some of the boys' parents, who are equally disgusted by the Channel Hoppers. When the show's finished, the boys make ready to play Badniks vs Sonic, but Tails is surprised to find that they all want to be Badniks, saying Robotnik has some great ideas. Tails isn't convinced that it's just a phase that they're going through, and visits the studio to do a little detective work. In the studio, he learns the Channel Hoppers are broadcasting a subliminal message only children can pick up, making them worship Robotnik. For the time being, Tails can't do anything about it, but thinks he may be able to beat them at their own game. Later, the Channel Hoppers bounce out of the studio only to be met by angered fans who attack them. The Hoppers begin to fight amongst themselves, damaging their costumes revealing themselves to be members of D.R.A.T.. Tails reveals that he enlisted the help of Tim Tuna, who altered the broadcast to reveal what the Channel Hoppers are up to. The fox thus gives each of the Hoppers a sound wallop and the kids, as one, order the disgraced Channel Hoppers to 'hop it'.


  • The Channel Hoppers are a parody of the Teletubbies.
  • One of the Channel Hoppers still has the lamp on his head in one panel after they have been unmasked.


The previous Tails story was Hero of the Beach. The next story was Fall of the Leaf.

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