The Chaos Siphon is a device created by Doctor Zachary which was designed to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds. With the emeralds installed, the Chaos Siphon would be able to essentially 'aggitate' all the naturally-occuring particles of Chaos energy worldwide, making them unstable enough to trigger a tremendous explosion that would completely destroy Mobius. During STC-O's Shadow saga, the Syndicate installed the Siphon device aboard their airship, the Death Carrier, which floated above the planet's surface whilst the Siphon charged. Before Zachary's apocalyptic plan could be realized, however, Sonic used a Chaos Tap he had acquired from the Drakon Empire which absorbed and stored all of the planet's excess Chaos energy, rendering it harmless. With Dr. Zachary's plan thwarted, his echidna associate Vichama used the Chaos Emeralds to release his spiritual self from his body. As he did so, he incapacitated Zachary and then fled the Death Carrier, which was soon to be destroyed by the conflict between Shadow and Super Sonic. When the Death Carrier was destroyed, the Chaos Siphon was destroyed with it.


  • The Chaos Siphon is likely based off the Eclipse Cannon from Sonic Adventure 2, although with different properties.

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