The current Chaos Tap (behind all the writing)

A Chaos Tap is a Drakon device capable of absorbing excess Chaos energy and storing it within itself. Sister Haggra of the Drakon Empire provided Sonic the Hedgehog with one when Mobius was under threat of destruction by the Chaos Siphon, a Syndicate construction. The Drakons were initially reluctant to provide Sonic with a Chaos Tap until the hedgehog reminded them that destruction of Mobius would also mean destruction of the Chaos Emeralds. The Chaos Tap was then given, but Master Scholar knew full well that he could disconnect the Chaos Tap at any time, leaving Mobius at the mercy of the Drakons.


Chaos Tap minus any Chaos energy

Sonic planted the Chaos Tap in a green area away from towns and villages, hoping for nobody to ever find out that he had consorted with the Drakon Empire. The Tap did its job and prevented the Chaos Siphon from firing. Better still, the Chaos energy fed back through the Death Carrier and tore it apart, ending The Syndicate's plans. The excess Chaos energy caused the Chaos Tap to grow several times the size of a regular Mobian. Later, the Drakons put their plan into action and put an insane Doctor Robotnik in charge of taking over Mobius. A new version of Citadel Robotnik was built around the Chaos Tap and was only located when Sonic followed a trail of Badniks to the Tap's new home.


Since Haggra was the one who provided the Chaos Tap, it would suggest that the Chaos Tap is a mix of magic and technology. The Tap acts similar to the Chaos Emeralds, storing Chaos energy and having the ability to absorb. However, the Chaos Emeralds were originally just Emeralds from the Kohenyu Graveyard area, with no magical properties known (apart from the ability to exist as thirteen separate Emeralds.


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