Chaotix Tower was the former home of the Chaotix Crew, standing in the centre of New Tek City. Although never explicitly stated, Chaotix likely moved to their new headquarters to be closer to the crime scenes in the city, particularly as their use of the Omni-Viewer decreased dramatically. It is obvious who lives there as the word "CHAOTIX" is splashed across the front and the roof sports a massive "X" pointing in four directions. People of the city wished they would just move somewhere else.

Sonic the Hedgehog first visited the Tower to talk about the Omni-Door, a Vector the Crocodile creation that would allow Sonic to visit the Special Zone whenever he wants. Before long, a fight broke out against the heroes, Blockhead Bill and Society Max, the latter two under Root's control. Eager to put an end to things, Mighty the Armadillo accidentally punched his dad through the wall of the building, leaving a gaping hole.

The tower later returned when the Crimson Cobra sabotaged one of Vector's experiments, turning him into a ferocious giant. More damage was unleashed on their home when the rampaging Vector smashed his way out of a high window before stomping his way to the Federation Building.

When the Special Zone was destroyed by Shadow the Hedgehog, Chaotix Tower went with it. Chaotix moved to a new home on Mobius, although it wasn't stated where.


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