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Chasing Amy is a complete Amy Rose story which appeared in Issue 239 of Sonic the Comic Online and marks Jamie J's first contribution to the comic.


Story: Jamie J

Art: Matthew Allen Smith

Colouring: Matthew Allen Smith and Chris G

Lettering: Charles Ellis


While looking for a cheap sandwich toaster in Metropolis Zone's market, Amy is accosted by a sleazy Love Bug flogging a perfume that will make her irresistible to the opposite sex. Amy refuses, but is hit with a jet of the perfume, and is soon being pursued by every man in the market, all of whom are in a zombie-like state. She starts hitting the ones who get too close, but quickly decides the solution to the problem is to get rid of the perfume. She thus retreats into the cosmetics court, where only women shop. The sales girls break out a number of perfumes to help override the scent, but the horde break through the windows. Amy retreats upstairs and finds the Love Bug on the phone to Don Long-Legs. She breaks through the window, grabbing the Love Bug and soon both have plunged into an open manhole. The stench of the waste in the sewers overrides the perfume, leaving Amy now to just try and get home 'without dying of embarassment.'


  • Aside from the men's behaviour, this story is littered with references to zombie movies. Posters for Army of Darkness, Dawn of the Dead and The Evil Dead can be seen, and Shaun of the Dead is referenced at least three times: one mish-mash of posters reads as rom-zom-com (which is what SOTD was marketed as), one of the sales girls wields a cricket bat, and one partially seen man somewhat resembles the titular Shaun.
  • The exception to the zombie movie poster rule is one advertising The Abandoned.
  • An Astro Boy plush is clearly visible in the first panel.
  • Amy is quick to accuse the Love-Bug of trying to sell her The Bug Issue, a reference to the real-world magazine The Big Issue, sold by the homeless.
  • One man's 'parking ticket' pick-up line is lifted from Glen Quagmire of Family Guy.
  • Amy seems to be a fan of The Green Lantern if her shirt is anything to go by.


The previous Amy Rose story was Impressions. The next story was Revolutionary.

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