Christmas Carol II is a complete Decap Attack story in Issue 119 of Sonic the Comic.



A furious Professor Frank N. Stein has decided that Chuck D. Head and Igor are not allowed to have Christmas Day off this year, with another busy day in the laboratory ahead. Igor reluctantly accepts, although he has a trick up his sleeve...

Later that night, as Stein prepares for bed, he is suddenly greeted by the Ghost of Christmas Past (looking like Mr Cuddle Bunny in a cloak) who has come to show him what a "rotter" he is. The ghost provides the professor with a flashback to his youth, when he was locked in a broom cupboard over Christmas, taking three days for anyone to notice his absence. As this ghost disappears, another arrives in the form of the Ghost of Christmas Present (vaguely resembling George Curdle). This spirit provides a brief look into the future, showing Frank that Chuck and Igor are preparing to steal the television on Christmas Day. Worse still, Frank will be missing his favourite Eadle and Bedmonds shows if he doesn't do something about it. His final visit is from the devilish Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, who informs him that his friends will leave him and he will live the rest of his life alone, awaiting the vengeful Thin Controller.

Next morning, Frank wonders if it was all a bad dream. Nevertheless, he decides to have the day off, allowing everyone to watch television. Some time later, Igor greets Tall Tim, the hypnotist who convinced Frank he was seeing ghosts. The specialist is less than happy about nearly breaking his leg when climbing up to Stein's window and especially so when he only receives half a crown.


  • The story is a parody of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
  • Frank suggests that he was the one to call off his engagement with the Thin Controller, despite her walking out on him.
  • The Thin Controller hints that Satan is her "daddy".
  • Tall Tim's final words of "God bless us" is adapted from his corresponding character, Tiny Tim, in A Christmas Carol.


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