Art by Roberto Corona and John M Burns

Clawbeast is a lion-like monster from Planet Romanus. It was used by Emperor Zero in gladiator battles against the planet's slaves.


Shortly after Tekno the Canary had supposedly killed friend Amy Rose, Zero went back on his word to free the slaves and set Clawbeast on Tekno. Although not much of a fighter, Tekno felt that she had a chance against the powerful beast if she continued to hold her converted teleporter weapon. Unfortunately, Clawbeast swiped it out of her hand, leaving her without a "Plan B". Thanks to Amy's work elsewhere, the energy dome surrounding the city began to vanish, distracting Clawbeast. Tekno took this opportunity to grab her gun and teleported Clawbeast up to the seat of Zero. The emperor avoided serious harm, only suffering from ripped clothing, leaving the fate of Clawbeast unknown.