Spoke too soon again....

Clear as Mud is a complete Tails story which appeared in Issue 129 of Sonic the Comic.



The Museum of Arty Art in the Eldorado Zone has been robbed again. This time the Bronze Monkey statue has been stolen, and Harry Mole has been called in to investigate. Both Harry and the museum curator are baffled, since the security cameras were covered, the doors locked, and the security guard on duty outside all night. Luckily, the curator has sent for Tails, and that night the three lock themselves in the museum, confident that no one will get in, so they are all surprised when a chameleon appears before them, calling himself Loot the Treasure Seeker. However, before Tails and Harry can grab Loot, he grabs the Golden Handshake statue and seems to vanish into thin air. Thinking Loot is a teleporter, Tails leads all assembled outside, but the thief is nowhere to be seen. Tails notices fresh footprints on the soft grass however, and slings mud towards them with his tails, causing Loot to reappear, complaining about his stained burglar outfit. Comparing Loot's abilities to that of Espio, Tails and Harry give chase, but before Loot can turn invisible again and give them the slip, he trips over one of Harry's molehills. As Loot is led off by the Zone's police, Tails explains to the curator that Loot was invisibly entering the museum during opening hours and easily leaving with his stolen goods the next day, but the fox easily saw through his plan.


  • Much of the artwork in the museum is parodying famous real-world art with Sonic the Comic and animal spins on the artwork.
  • A framed copy of Sonic the Comic Issue 1 is on display.


The previous Tails story was First Flight. The next story was Making the News.

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