Art by Mike White

Cloudburner is a dragon from the The Legend of the Golden Axe story Plague of Serpents. Cloudburner is the leader of the dragons summoned by Queen Silpantia-Dragontamer to fight Cobraxis and his snake army. Along with his dragon friends, Cloudburner smashed his way into the Hammerynth caverns to assist his friend and led the fight against the snake priests, raining fire on them from above. He allowed Silpantia to ride him and the two found themselves the targets of Cobraxis, who had altered his image to become a "God". Once Gilius-Thunderhead killed Cobraxis with the Golden Axe, Cloudburner made sure by holding his head and setting it alight.

In the end, Cloudburner vows to return should Silpantia ever need help. It is implied that the two have teamed up before, as Cloudburner states that it has been "too long".


  • Cloudburner is one of only two dragons named in the story, the other being Windscream.


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