Art by Mike Corker.

The Coal Creek Zone is the millitary dictatorship Zone near the Ocean Falls Zone and the Diamond Fjord Zone. After being taken over by a large military, after the end of the RBR era, the Coal Creek Zone and it's new War Council enslaved the weasels of the Diamond Fjord Zone to work in mines, and had a conflicting releationship with the Ocean Falls Zone. After being put in the mines, Nack the Weasel used his fortune to bribe the General of the Zone to overthrow the War Council. With Nack in charge, the weasels were set free, and a peace treaty was to be written up with the Ocean Falls Zone. Nack, however, being the greedy weasel he is, sought to conquer the Ocean Falls Zone.

Upon hearing that the treaty was being prepared, the Kintobor Computer sent Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary to investigate. Upon arrival, they discovered that Nack was now in charge, but Tekno refused to believe that he had turned over a new leaf. Breaking into his office allowed her to discover that Nack planned an occupation of Ocean Falls, but her snooping resulted in her being held in the dungeon, awaiting trial. Amy attempted to persuade Nack to release her, to no avail. While being escorted out, Amy rescued her friend and the pair broke away from the Zone in a stag ship.


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