Boldwig-Smythe (and son)

Colonel Boldwig-Smythe is a "fearless monster hunter" (and part-time fish smuggler). Boldwig-Smythe and his son have been on several heroic quests and believes they have captured the Abominable Snowman (although it melted on their way home) and traced a halibut on a piece of elastic, believing it to be the Flying Fiend of the Deep. Despite their failures, the monster hunters travelled to Transylvania to track down the Two-Headed Terror of Transylvania, believed to live in Castle Frank N. Stein. However, when revealed to him by Igor in the Castle View Tea Shop, Boldwig-Smythe laughs him off, proclaiming Chuck to be a fake (despite his son's protests) and walks off. He states he will return to Transylvania after hearing the unmistakable cry of the Mountain Banshee.

The "colonel" (who probably isn't one but dresses in a stereotypical way) is shown to be exceptionally stupid, not realising his target was right in front of him at all. He also believed an umpire was actually a vampire and mistook Professor Frank N. Stein's yodelling practise to be the call of a banshee. Boldwig-Smythe also liked to take the glory for himself, often forgetting his son's there. Despite this, his son is usually more more useful, realising where the castle was, having a good idea why his Monster Detector wasn't working and recgonised Chuck to be their monster.


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