Colonel Brown is a villain from the Marko's Magic Football story. Claiming to own the town of North Sterlington, Brown lives in a castle with his professor accomplice. He has helped to develop the green sludge that has transformed many of the town's inhabitants into monsters. During the story, he orders the scientist to develop things that will thwart Marko on his quest to stop Brown.

Towards the end of the story, Brown personally attacks Marko in a special suit designed to repel the magic football. Deserted by his welders, Brown uses his jetpack to propel himself above the sludge below, but is knocked into it by the football. As Brown's suit reacts badly to the sludge, Brown is presumably killed (or turned into a monster) by an explosion of slime.


  • Monday is 'Evil Plan Day'
  • Wednesday is 'Inventing Day'
  • Friday is 'Shouting Day'
  • Saturday is 'Practising Evil Laugh Day'

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