Art by Roberto Corona and Nigel Dobbyn

Controla-Crawlies are small parasitic creatures owned by the Insectra Empire. By attaching themselves to foes, they can control their minds.


Inactive during Doctor Ivo Robotnik's ultimate defeat in The Final Victory, Shortfuse the Cybernik was enraged not to be involved and struggled to adapt to a civilian life afterwards. His chance came when an intergalatic portal appeared in the skies of the Metropolis Zone, allowing him to become a hero in another galaxy.

At some point into this new calling, Shortfuse was attacked by a Controla-Crawly and became subservient to the Insectra Empire. The Cybernik became known as the "Destroyer" and loyally served Dark Visor on his spaceship. Later, Shortfuse was called into action when Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary accidentally trespassed on the ship having earlier seen a vision of Shortfuse wearing the mind-control device. Dark Visor ordered his Destroyer to capture Amy and Tekno, something he did with no regrets at all. During his brief encounter with the girls, Shortfuse admitted he enjoyed being a "bad guy", whilst seemingly remembering his previous life.

Following a long speech by Dark Visor, Tekno attempted to pull the Controla-Crawly from Shortfuse's body, much to his dismay. The creature failed to fall off and Dark Visor ordered his troops to protect Shortfuse by shooting at Tekno. Unfortunately, the soldiers were poor at aiming and accidentally shot the Controla-Crawly. In pain and apparently terrified, the Controla-Crawly fell off Shortfuse and ran away. This gave Shortfuse his free will back.


  • This was the second time Shortfuse had lost control of his mind, the first occasion being at the hands of Robotnik's Control Disc.