Croc (with Bullhead and Head). Art by Nigel Kitching

Not to be confused with a crocodile, the species of which Vector the Crocodile is (obviously) a member of.

Croc is one of Max D. Cap's most important henchmen, along with Bullhead. Croc is slightly stupid and is slow to the draw when everybody else has already understood something. During Max's invasion of Castle Frank N. Stein, Croc remarked how good a trick it was seeing Chuck D. Head throw Head at an enemy, leaving himself open to a headbutt from the newly-created corpse. The toothy monster then failed to understand Bullhead's orders to "scrag" Chuck, having to rely on his target to tell him what to do. Not much later, Croc wondered if Chuck was alright, despite him having a bomb explode right on his shoulders and his body completely disfigured.

The croc later evacuated Castle Frank N. Stein when Max was foiled by the cloned Blockbusters contestant. The muscly idiot would never be seen again.

Croc is probably vaguely based on one of the enemies encountered in the Decap Attack game.


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