Art by Thalia Evans

Crocodiles are large, aquatic reptiles from Planet Earth, Mobius and the Special Zone that are characterised by their long, scaly bodies, sharp teeth and ferocious nature. They are often confused with alligators.
  • Vector the Crocodile is the most famous example in Sonic the Comic, being one of the Chaotix Crew that appear in several adventures. Like his name suggests, Vector mixes his brains with an aggressive fighting style, whipping enemies with his tail before sinking his teeth into them.
  • The Equinox research team in the Special Zone is made up entirely of crocodiles, which is presumably why Vector is such good friends with them.
  • Croc from the Decap Attack series resembles a crocodile, but is actually a demon from Hell who works for Max D. Cap. Apart from this minor observation, Croc looks very much like a muscly croc, down to its extremely sharp teeth, but his body is much more muscular.

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