Amy practices in Visa Vixen. Art by Philip Chapman.

Crossbows are recurring weapons in the Sonic the Comic universe, almost exclusively in the hands of Amy Rose. The device was taken up by Amy early on, first using in The Sonic Terminator on board a Trooper ship (her first non-hostage appearance). She has continued to use this for her entire career as a Freedom Fighter, although has slipped into using a gun (albeit loaded with darts) on occasion in Sonic the Comic Online. A couple of stories showed Amy having to cope in a situation without her bow, such as when the Snownik encased it in a block of ice. Early appearances subsituted the crossbow for a longbow, with Amy using it to great effect on the Emerald Valley Bridge and during a raid on a Badnik Processing Plant.

On a day off, Amy decided to try and teach Tails how to use a crossbow, should anything ever happen to the team's expert marksman. Tails proved to be completely incapable of hitting a can from a not-very-great distance and moaned that they didn't need another crossbow expert. Indeed, Amy's ability to hit any target from seemingly any distance could not be bested by anyone. She showed deep dismay when Sonic the Hedgehog told her she had missed a target (although Sonic had actually just caught the arrow to save the life on an innocent civilian).

Crossbows have made minor appearances in the Sega Superstars installments. Ninja assassins attempted to use crossbows to weaken Max Hatchet in Streets of Rage, but the vigilante simply leapt over the bolts and watched as they each slammed into the other ninja. Joe Musashi has also had extensive archery practice with a longbow, extending to using one while riding a horse.

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