The Direct Biological Restoration Corporation (commonly abbreviated to "DBR") was a firm with combined interests in both the research and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medical hardware, and general biotechnology, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldcorp. It was responsible for the creation of the zombies, as part of a government contract - these were perverted by one of their head researchers, Dr. Curien, resulting in the notorious Curien Mansion Incident. While DBR collapsed in the aftermath of the Incident, it left a grim legacy in the zombies which continue to plague the world to this day.

Company History

DBR was born from a group of scientists who jumped ship from Imperial Chemical Industries in the mid-1970s, when the formerly titanic industrial giant was bowing down low under the pressures of the postwar world. Its unusual name is a reflection of the commanding influence of its company chairman, Daniel Reddick, who had a philanthropic commitment to achieving public betterment through the vitality of business.

DBR was influenced by Goldcorp from a very early stage - Goldcorp's Speculative Fund provided venture capital to support some of DBR's earliest projects, and as time progressed Goldcorp's share in DBR operations only grew. By 1990 DBR was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldcorp - another cog in the fearsome engine that would drive Goldman's terrible world revolution.


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