Dark Guld in Blackspell's scrying pool. Art by Mike White.

Dark Guld is a major villain from The Legend of the Golden Axe who starred in the second Golden Axe video game and the first Sonic the Comic story, Citadel of Dead Souls. Previous to the print adventure, Guld had been killed by Ax-Battler, Tyris-Flare and Gilius-Thunderhead for stealing the Golden Axe of Yuria. Some time later, Sorcerer Blackspell removed Guld from his tomb and started stitching torn limbs back onto the corpse. His plan was to resurrect Dark Guld and make him command the sorcerer's armies. With the Golden Axe in his possession, Blackspell intended to kill Tyris, making her a sacrifice in exchange for Dark Guld. Tyris managed to evade death, so the spell was incomplete. Guld revived anyway, but wouldn't survive much longer without another body. To achieve this, Guld used magic to merge himself with Blackspell, then punched him unconscious when he continued to complain. Guld then turned into an eagle and captured Ax-Battler, taking him to Firedrake Fell to complete the sacrifice. When Blaze and Gilius arrived, they combined their replenished magic and caused the volcano to erupt, killing Dark Guld (and Blackspell).


  • Dark Guld is used somewhat as an insult in regular speech. Characters often exclaim "Guld's Breath!", much like they show distaste at "Gorgon's Armpit".
  • Guld is somehow able to stand on lava without it burning him.

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