Look at your man, now back to me.

Daz Dynamo is an egotistical, muscle-bound resident of Skegpool. When Tails was keeping an eye on things, Daz openly called the fox a wimp, regarding himself as the biggest hero on the beach, in an attempt to impress a couple of girls. To him, the fact that Tails had defeated large numbers of Badniks was nothing compared to his supposed ability to do forty push-ups on his little finger. Naturally, a short time later, Daz had broken his finger, but he claimed to have done it wrestling a shark, as Tails patched him up. When Robotnik's Caterkillers arrived later, Daz was quickly revealed to be a total coward as he was tossed skyward, screaming for his mummy. One of them could well have killed him, if Tails' quick thinking hadn't taken the last two Caterkillers out with one strike. When it was all over, Daz proclaimed Tails to be 'an okay dude', as the fox jammed a pipe draining the ocean's toxins into the Caterkillers' tunnel.

Daz hasn't been seen since.


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