An example of Boltstryke's artwork.

Dean/Boltstryke is an artist who was due to provide the art for a Sonic the Hedgehog story that was eventually scrapped (or is still in production, but unlikely after over 5 years). A page of his artwork was featured in the Behind the Scenes section of Sonic the Poster Mag 2005. The story showed Sonic relaxing in the Control Centre when the Omni-Viewer abruptly appears. Omni shows Sonic a live scene from New Tek City where Espio the Chameleon and an unnamed spiky character (wearing Mighty the Armadillo's shoes) are attacking the mother of the Bruise Brothers. Sonic leaps into Omni to, assumedly, save the day. Oddly, the Kintobor Computer is not on.

Dean's artwork was accompanied by the caption "Inked page for as-yet unused script". However, considering the Special Zone had been destroyed not long before, the script would have needed a substantial re-write. The author of this page wasn't revealed.

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